LIO Intelligent Transport Systems Software – Demonstration Video

Trapeze’s LIO Intelligent Transport System (ITS) solution is used by transport authorities globally to manage and control complex multimodal networks. LIO is a commercial off-the-shelf control system that is highly configurable and is the technology centrepiece of some of the world’s largest public transport authorities and systems, such as London and Singapore, which use LIO for multi-operator and franchising management.

LIO delivers multiple functions such as automatic vehicle location, connection protection, passenger information, and headway management. LIO monitors operations and also integrates with a range of on-vehicle and back-end solutions (using open standards such as SIRI, VDV, and ITxPT), so transport authorities and operators have a single view of fleet operations. LIO also provides communications for drivers and passengers both on and off the vehicle, CCTV functions, and helps adjust schedules in real time.

In this demonstration video, you will learn how LIO:

    • Manages bus, light rail, and ferry fleets.
    • Uses real-time data to monitor all vehicles, and
    • Optimises public transport operations.

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