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Trapeze offers a comprehensive suite of Intelligent Transport System (ITS) solutions designed to enhance the management and operation of tram, light rail, ferry, and bus transport networks. Our advanced technology ensures that transportation systems run more efficiently and effectively, benefiting both operators and passengers alike. With our ITS solutions, you can experience improved service reliability, better communication, and streamlined operations.

In this document, we have compiled a selection of our key customer case studies, press releases, and additional resources. These materials showcase the tangible benefits and successes that our clients have achieved using Trapeze’s ITS solutions. By delving into these case studies, you will gain insight into how our technology has been implemented in real-world scenarios, leading to notable improvements in transport network performance.

Our case studies highlight a variety of success stories from different regions and transport modes. For instance, you will read about how a major city’s bus network reduced delays and enhanced passenger satisfaction through our real-time tracking and fleet management system. Another case study details how a light rail operator optimized their scheduling and dispatch processes, resulting in significant cost savings and increased operational efficiency.

We hope you find these case studies and press releases informative and inspiring. They reflect our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that drive progress in public transport management.

To access the full case studies, please download the document. If you prefer to browse the case studies online, simply click here. We are confident that these resources will provide valuable insights into how Trapeze can help transform your transport network operations for the better. Enjoy reading and discovering the many ways our ITS solutions can benefit your organization.

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