RDA invests in developing a state-of-the-art public transport system

From virtually no public transport, other than Taxis, the Riyadh Development Agency is delivering an integrated Metro and Bus network across the city.

The project

The Riyadh Bus Project is a brand-new bus network which is being built from the ground up and includes bus feeder routes to metro stations and dedicated Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) lanes.

Trapeze supported RDA to provide an Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) solution to integrate Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) and Real-Time Passenger Information (RTPI) for buses into the overall management system. Trapeze also delivered interfaces for multiple stakeholders to provide integrated data management and system control for Riyadh’s expanding bus fleet.

System Highlights

    • High availability control centre with redundant DRC
    • Multi-operator support for future expansion
    • Control for over 1,500 real-time information displays – LEDs and TFTs
    • Integration with Riyadh Metro using SIRI
    • Over 100 workstations across the Operational Control Centre training, and DR
    • CCTV at stations, integrated into AVL workstation bullet points

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Mode of Transport



Intelligent Transport Systems

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