Real-Time Passenger information for better bus customer satisfaction

The Brighton & Hove Bus and Coach Company operates along England’s southeast coast. In partnership with Brighton & Hove City Council, a bus priority, information and management system was introduced in 2001. This was then expanded further by the sharing of radio and server infrastructure with East Sussex County Council, opening the sytem up to other operators in an expanded area.

Currently there are 150 real time bus information signs. Passengers really appreciate the real time signs at stops as well as the ‘next stop’ display signs inside the vehicles.

Passenger numbers have increased by around 5% year on year since the introduction of the system. Frequent use is made of the online real time information service and the SMS service. The system has become an almost indispensable feature in the Brighton & Hove area.


    • Control centre: 3 dispatcher workstations, 7 info stations, 2 IT and statistics workstations
    • Radio system: 2 voice channels, 1 data channel, 5 base stations
    • Vehicles: 270 buses
    • Dynamic passenger information: 150 information signs
    • Depots: 4 depots


    • 5% increase in passenger numbers
    • Frequent usage of online and SMS real time information services

Brighton & Hove Bus and Coach Company Ltd.

Brighton & Hove is part of the Go-Ahead Group and employs around 1,000 people. They carry over 40 million passengers every year on their 270 vehicles, which operate more than 50 routes and cover over 2,000 stops.

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